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Vendor selection is risky. A vendor must not only be technically excellent, but also customer service oriented so that over time, the relationship evolves into a collaborative partnership. At InfoSoft, we believe there are four major areas to evaluate to reduce your risk when selecting the right vendor:

  • Capabilities
  • Skills
  • References
  • Methodology

Capabilities are what we bring to your organization in addition to our top notch staff. This includes our culture, our single-minded focus for flawless implementations that are on time and on budget, our deep industry partnerships, and our commitment to ensuring business benefits through the best use of technology. We want to understand the business value that you strive to achieve through the implementation of technology-which then enables us to be fully engaged in the project process.

Skills includes the skill sets of those individuals who are working on your project. It is of no service to you if we have the best capabilities, but the employees working on your project are not the right fit. InfoSoft ensures on-time and on-budget success through the strict enforcement of matching the right employee to the right project.

References are an important part of vendor selection-they enable you to be certain that the vendor “walks the talk.” InfoSoft is proud of its record of a 100% referenceable client base. By offering the best consultants, focusing on business benefits, and providing superior customer service—we ensure that every customer is satisfied with our work. Upon request, we will provide you with a list of references in a wide range of industries and technologies.

Well meaning vendors and skilled developer’s still need a game plan that determines how each project should be carried out - the phases of the project, and the tasks and deliverables for each phase.

A successful outcome is doubtful− no matter how well meaning the vendor and how skilled the developers−if they don’t have a clearly defined methodology as to how a particular project should develop. At InfoSoft we have clearly defined methodologies for all practice areas including Custom Development (Dynamic Systems Development Methodology), CRM Implementation, and ERP Implementations (Application Implementation Methodology).

Explore Our Portfolio

Explore Our Portfolio

We specialize in developing custom, high-quality web sites using XHTML, CSS, FLASH, PHP, ASP.NET, WordPress, Joomla, Zencart.

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