smartCRM is Innovative and easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and contact management solutions to improve Sales, Streamline Marketing, and enhance customer service.

smartCRM can help you improve the way you do business with customers by providing several integrated applications that work together to form a fully-functional CRM system designed to maximize profitability, and increase customer satisfaction.

InfoSoft smartCRM brings new levels of sales force automation to your organization. Powered by InfoSoft's workflow engine, With smartCRM the sales cycle is shortened, volumes increase, and each salesperson produces like a top performer.

For sales managers, smartCRM provides greater insight into the sales process and areas for improvement based on analysis of product mix, pricing, delivery promises and terms. This level of drill-down, combined with InfoSoft's unique ability to track monthly Inquiry, Lead analysis, improves the accuracy of forecasting and reporting dramatically.

And because of InfoSoft modular design, smartCRM isn't cluttered with tabs and icons unrelated to daily sales activity, making smartCRM the easiest to use.

Top 10 Reasons to Switch to InfoSoft smartCRM

  1. Contact, Lead, and Opportunity Management,Sales forecasting, We give you powerful management and analysis tools in InfoSoft smartCRM, beyond just notes, histories, and records.
  2. ERP & Financials, smartCRM also has a modules for Order Processing, Purchase, Bill of Material, Sales, Inventory Control with option to bridge data with Financial Accounting software to give you complete one point integrated solution.
  3. Marketing automation, Seperate modules to help Marketing people to manage their day to day activity with various updated informations.
  4. Workflow, Calendar Management.
  5. Extremely easy to use reducing staff learning curve, Intuitive user interface and Excellent Information Navigation through various control centers.
  6. Web enabled, smartCRM can be used as either Desktop mode, On Intranet or on Web.
  7. Scalability, InfoSoft smartCRM is scalable to any number of users
  8. Various Proactive Alerts.
  9. Manage various Knowledgebase.
  10. Control Centers, Manage Information through various Control Centers.


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