DiamondPro is a complete solution for Diamond Manufacturing/Export Industry

DiamondPro helps in planning, controlling and monitoring all the processes involved in diamond manufacturing. DiamondPro can handle manufacturing process of diamonds starting from rough purchase, Pre manufacturing process, till factory level tracking of diamonds.

DiamondPro also has modules for Import, Export, Banking system and linkage with Financial Accounting.


DiamondPro handles all the phases involved in diamond manufacturing, from purchase of rough diamonds, production analysis/planning, Lot (Batch) creation, Lot Projection, packet issue to sub-contractors, factory level tracking of packets issued, handling exports, banking module, linking with Financial accounting.

A single lot of rough diamonds may contain stones, which on completion would result in different purities, sizes. The manufacturing module makes provisions for creating sub-lots from any lot. Each sub-lot is then treated as a lot. All controls for the management of a lot of diamonds such as approximate costing, processing, tracking and administration are automatically applied.

DiamondPro gives you extensive analysis of the lot prior to the production based on data of executed previous similar lots, this helps you in judging the tentative costing, yields, final polish diamonds results.

DiamondPro has intelligent proactive alerts system, which automatically alerts the user about possible critical scenarios, this becomes very helpful as system itself alerts you about the business criticalness rather then you look out for same in stacks of data.

Factory Module:

Each packet issued from Company to the factory for Polish manufacturing purpose can be easily linked and tracked.

DiamondPro can be seamlessly integrated with Factory process, Once Packet received from company it can further split in sub-packets if required, each packet passed through various polishing process like Ghat, Table, Bottom, Mathala Pale, Mathala (and other process based on type of diamonds), yields at every level is tracked. Finally user can see complete process analysis, yield details after every process for any packets.

DiamondPro factory module helps in maintaining worker details, preparing Wages register, work costing, stocks etc.


  • Multi Company, Multi Currency, Multi Location
  • Lot Projection, Comparison, Analysis
  • Individual packet linkage with factory process
  • Single piece tracking
  • Proactive alerts
  • Smart business summary
  • Web enabled
  • Browserbased reporting


Developed with Microsoft.net, SQL Server, XML

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