Overview of Company

Founded in 1998, InfoSoft Consultants is a consulting and Software Development firm dedicated to business success through long-term relationships with our clients.

InfoSoft is a dynamic, service-oriented enterprise, and is positioned to successfully respond to trends and changes in the information technology industry.

InfoSoft’s client relationships are based on delivering the highest quality professional technology consulting and development services. InfoSoft enjoys an excellent reputation as a proven resource for strategic planning, needs assessment, client/server programming, Internet/intranet development services.

InfoSoft has wide industry experience in custom application development mainly Diamond Manufacturing, Garment Manufacturing, Construction House, Library Management. In a process we have developed proven solutions like DiamondPro, smartCRM

Tools and Technologies

Since InfoSoft’s inception in the late 1988, InfoSoft has utilized a series of tools and technologies driven by the demands and needs of our clients and the realities of what is leading the technology industry. We believe in specializing in the tools that we choose to use to implement our solutions to ensure that our clients benefit from teams of experts with the chosen toolsets and technologies.

InfoSoft is constantly evaluating and re-evaluating new trends in our industry. We are in a perpetual mode of evolution as new technologies prove themselves and old technologies fade away. Our clients benefit directly from this constant research by getting experienced professionals sooner into the life cycle of leading edge technologies.